Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wow, $50K Wasted on a Worthless Degree!

Above the Law published their quote of the day. Apparently, some teacher who couldn't find work at an elementary school (and is now in nursing school) is complaining about spending $50K on a degree she can't use. I don't know whether I should be angry at how out of touch she is with the student loan crisis or whether I should sympathize with her plight. After all, $50K is a lot of money, although it's nowhere near the amount that most of my law school colleagues are carrying in student loan debt. Plus, the quote does not state whether Jade Stier is actually in debt for that amount or if that's just what she spent.


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  1. I don't expect most people outside of the law to understand the meaning of having massive debt. $50k is a lot. I owe about that much in private loans and I am not looking forward to paying it all back. I think anyone who owes thousands of dollars and doesn't have a job to show for it has the right to complain. But this woman should be thankful that $50k is all she owes compared to most people who go to graduate or professional school. She has a much better chance of finding a teaching job once the economy improves than a law graduate who can't find a job. At least the teaching field doesn't blacklist people who went to a lower ranked school of education or couldn't find a prestigious job right out of school.