Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finally, an Accurate Depiction of the Average Lawyer

Wilfred is a new show on FX about a suicidally depressed ex-attorney named Ryan.  Ryan is the type of person who balks at the ingredients label on the protein powder he blends into his pill-laden suicide shake.  In the first episode, Ryan attempts to overdose the night before starting a new job in "contract administration," a job his sister managed to snag him at the hospital where she works as an Ob/Gyn.  Ryan's suicide attempt goes mysteriously awry, and he ends up dog-sitting for Wilfred, the titular character whom Ryan sees as a belligerent Australian in a dog costume. 

My favorite scenes in the first episode involve Ryan arguing with his sister about his career plight.  When Ryan suggests that he might not be happy in contract administration, Kristen reminds him that he is "not really a hot commodity right now," so he should basically take what he can get.  There is also a later scene in which Ryan tells his potential boss (Kristen's colleague) about what sort of "work" he would prefer over contract administration.  I won't spoil it for you.  Suffice it to say, I only wish I could have displayed that much honesty when leaving my lawyer job a year ago.  (Alas, I have never been one to burn bridges.  I still get birthday cards from my ex-boyfriend's mom, to put this particular pathology into perspective.)

If you are a disgruntled lawyer or have simply taken a wrong turn career- or life-wise, check out Wilfred.

You may have to create a hulu account in order to view the above video.  If you do not want to bother with that, you can always find episodes on FX's website.   


  1. I'd rather watch this than the ill-timed Franklin and Basch.

  2. I think I saw a trailer for that. Is that the one where the big firm doesn't want to hire the stereotypical Ivy league graduate? Sounds like it was written by someone with absolutely no grasp of how big firms hire. White shoe law firm clients pay top dollar for Ivy league grads. It seems as though TV land is starting to resemble the job market: too many damn lawyers. I'm hoping the show Wilfred lets Ryan find a new career path. If he ends up taking Wilfred to his first day at Top Law Firm, LLP, where wacky hijinks ensue, I'm done.